Where, and What, To Treat Yourself After the Bridge Run

Posted on April 6, 2018
Every spring, thousands of Charlestonians and visitors alike train for the Holy City’s annual Cooper River Bridge Run, a 6.2 mile race that begins in Mount Pleasant and concludes in Downtown Charleston. For many, training for the race means consistent workout regimens and strict meal plans. So when the race is done, and those 6.2 miles have been completed, Charleston throws a mean party to help runners celebrate, and more often than not those celebrations come in the form of food.
Whether you walk or ran the race, you deserve to indulge! That’s why we’ve compiled three of our favorite carb heavy dishes around Charleston to treat yourself to after! We even threw in a cocktail if you’d rather drink your carbs to celebrate.
NICO’s Shrimp + Lobster Roll
Massive amounts of fresh shrimp and lobster served on perfectly warm brioche toast alongside pommes frites and camembert fondue.
Lowcountry Bistro‘s Chicken & Waffles
Piping hot and crispy half bone-in chicken presented over a delightfully fluffy vanilla and bacon cornbread waffle, topped with a generous scoop of house-made pecan butter and a bourbon reduction.
Purlieu‘s French Dip
​This french dip features thin slices of brisket that have been braised with garlic, onions, and carrots, topped with perfectly crunchy fried onions on a fresh baguette and a side of au jus.
Virgil Kaine‘s Ginger Bourbon Cocktail “Queen of Hearts”
The Queen of Hearts is a punchy update on a classic daquiri using Virgil Kaine’s Ginger Infused Bourbon. Finished with watermelon ice, a strawberry and rosemary – it has all of the elements of a vacation treat fused with Southern charms and flavors.