A Proper Southern Breakfast

Posted on February 19, 2016

We’ve all been there before – you have a busy day ahead with just a few minutes to get out the door and no time to cook a proper meal. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it often goes overlooked in favor of our hectic schedules. Across the region, Southern chefs are putting the emphasis back on breakfast and, we have to say, morning has never looked better.

Today we rounded up a few tasty breakfast dishes from some of our favorite chefs to help inspire your daily routine. Showcasing the best southern ingredients, these plates will keep stomachs warm and satisfied through even the chilliest of winter mornings.

Here in Charleston, chef Nate Whiting of popular King Street restaurant 492 prepares a stick-to-your-bones version of oatmeal made with olive oil and topped with a honeyed ricotta espuma and a savory granola featuring almonds, corn flakes, sunflower seeds, pistachios and Chinese five spice. Equal parts sweet, savory and homey, Whiting’s oatmeal is the perfect comforting breakfast. “I love how the olive oil provides the dish with a familiar buttery mouth feel without excessive amounts of dairy,” Whiting says. “The olive oil also helps unmask the flavor of the oats, keeping them pure and direct.”

Down in New Orleans, where breakfast is taken very seriously, chef Alex Harrell of Angeline serves crispy fried boudin and Coosa Valley grits plated over a light red eye gravy and topped with a pan-fried egg. This indulgent dish pays homage to a traditional Louisiana preparation and flavors that makes it the perfect way to start the day in New Orleans.

Angeline's Crispy Boudin with Coosa Valley Grits

Angeline’s Crispy Boudin with Coosa Valley Grits

And at the recently opened Local Provisions in Asheville, chef Justin Burdett balances the comforting simplicity of eggs with just a touch of the decadent. First he lightly scrambles eggs and cream over very low heat until just set to make the perfect, fluffy scrambled eggs, which are then topped with crispy fried oysters and finished with black sturgeon caviar and finely chopped scallions. For a long, luxurious weekend breakfast at home, Burdett’s dish can’t be beat.

Chef Justin Burdett of Asheville's Local Provisions

Chef Justin Burdett of Asheville’s Local Provisions